Our holidays span every corner of Bhutan. Without compromising on the quality of our trips, we have tirelessly catered to travelers over a decade.

  • Our ten day trip through Bhutan was a truly amazing experience. Bhutan is a beautiful kingdom and thanks to our excellent guide Tsheten, we could explore it thoroughly.

    Tine Raeymaekers & Cis Verbeeck, Belgium
  • I visited Bhutan in January/February 2007 for 11 days, and it was an incredible experience. Tsheten took very good care of me and introduced me at easy pace to Bhutan culture, customs, history and people.

  • It was clear that Bhutan had captured everyone's attention when my fellow taking photos the minute they stepped off the plane - and we hadn't even entered the airport yet! I was met at the airport by Tsheten himself, and from start to finish, he was organized, charming and attentive.

    Hana Pika
  • My trip to Bhutan was excellent, primarily due to the great service I received from Tsheten, he is my tour guide, was a pleasure to deal with from the start.

    Vijay Ramanavarapu
  • Our family traveled for 12 wonderful days with Tsheten who wove the culture of Bhutan into our treks in a manner so enriching that each one of us felt we had seen and experienced something that could never be forgotten.

    Griselda Kerr
  • Tsheten, our guide, as well our four amazingly considerate colleagues of his, have made our journey an unforgettable experience.

    Kathy Cheng and Ivan Cheng
  • We enjoyed our trip to Bhutan very much, not only because it is such a beautiful and fascinating country but because of the excellent arrangements made by Journey to Discover Bhutan.

    Ivon Pritchard
  • When I was ten or twelve years old I would spend idle time exploring a world atlas and looking up countries in the encyclopaedia. One country discovered in that atlas was Bhutan, a tiny speck squeezed between India and China. Unfortunately the encyclopaedia didn’t reveal much about Bhutan so my childish imagination filled in the gaps. This was a time before Google and the Internet – the world was much bigger and more mysterious. Now over half a century later I’ve discovered the real Bhutan thanks to a man named Tsheten Lodey and his company ‘Journey to Discover Bhutan’. The reality of Bhutan far surpasses my childhood imagination. Tsheten has arranged my previous three visits to Bhutan in a professional and stress free manner (and he is currently arranging my fourth). The first visit he arranged involved the expected experience of monasteries, forts, museums, festivals and an enjoyable rural home stay. That first visit also revealed the beauty of Bhutan’s geography, its flora and fauna as well as the hospitality and kindness of its people. In subsequent visits he provided opportunities to meet teachers, students, families and rural farmers. To sit around a warm stove in the evening and listen to a grandmother tell stories of her youth was an enlightening experience and a valuable life lesson. I have to admit staying at rural farms was very peaceful, comfortable and a great alternative to hotels (and the food was very good). Tsheten has my gratitude for arranging these personal contacts which have been very rewarding and memorable. He has been patient and adaptable to my frequent and unusual requests, always insuring my comfort and safety.

Journey To Discover Bhutan is a government licensed boutique travel agency and tour operator based in Thimphu, the capital city. Registered with the Tourism Council of Bhutan and an active member of the Association of Bhutanese Tour Operator (ABTO),

We are Travelers, Wanderers & Explorers. We believe there are people who dream of travelling the way we do, who are waiting to rediscover themselves in unknown places and unfamiliar faces. Our passion is beyond travel, it is about life changing stories born out of adventure, experience and a restless urge to see and feel the world around us.

The more you wander, the more you lose your way. That’s the idea. Our travel routes show you the way, and then leave you to discover little experiences and stories in your wonderland. We have mapped off-beat roads and journeys to places which are must sees some which are just waiting to be explored.
We believe that all journeys have secret destinations of which the travelers is unaware. We are here to map your route and then show you the road off the map. Setting you on a journey to wander, explore and find experiences, which are not written in any travel book. So, simply dare to step out and dream to travel. There’s no place that’s too far and there’s no story too long....
The salient features of our holiday packages are further complimented by a fleet of luxury vehicles, fine hotels, out-of-the-ordinary itineraries and most importantly, a qualified guide to ensure that your stay here in Bhutan is a memorable one.

Our knowledge of places are diverse and local because our trip leaders and guides share a passion for guiding, a thorough knowledge of the destinations they work in, and a real joy in introducing you to their favourite places, people, and behind-the-scenes spots you would never find on your own.

Tsheten Lodey

Founder of the company, he has 19 years in the tourism business under his belt

Travel Specialist


Chinese travel writer who has travelled extensively to Bhutan throughout the 9 years. She leads Malaysian and Singaporean tourists to our land of happiness.

Travel Specialist


Our UK based explorer he has a passion for Bhutan and knowledge of how to get the most from your visit.

  • Namgay Wangdi  - A senior trekking and cultural guide, he has combed every nook and cranny of the Kingdom leading guests.
  • Tshewang Dorji - A Chinese language guide, he has studied Mandarin in China and is also well-versed in Chinese customs and etiquettes
  • Karma - Another Chinese language guide, he has led Chinese tourist groups all over the Kingdom.
  • kalden - Our driver, meticulous and a no-nonsense person for whom safety of his guests means everything.